Simple Ways To Lose Weight with Fat Loss Factor

Men and women everywhere are tired of the gimmick weight loss solutions that lead to yo-yo weight gain and that are not solutions to long-term healthy weight control and good general health. There are countless “solutions” to the problem on the market today, many of whom are not solutions with lasting effect. It is important that the diet plan has concrete lifestyle changes associated with it, not just with food, but with nutritional supplementation, exercise, and even spiritual components added to it. One of the solutions we have studied is called Fat Loss Factor, and this particular plan includes all of the components above.

What Is The Fat Loss Factor?

The Fat Loss Factor is essential, as described in the book, a lifestyle adjustment plan that contains five components:

1) A detoxification plan to naturally (using common natural food ingredients) cleanse your liver and allow it to metabolise fat for efficiently

2) A diet plan that includes the adaptation of raw foods, fruits, vegetables, meat, and specified dairy products. This also includes proper use of natural insoluble fibre to keep one’s colon capable of absorbing the necessary nutrition and foods that can maximise weight loss. The plan also lists foods that are almost guaranteed to make one fat and how to avoid them completely.

3) A hydration plan to include water and other fluids to clean your body of toxins and to metabolise fats.

4) A supplementation plan (vitamins, healthy oils, fibre and protein) to help boost one’s immune system

5) An exercise, meditation, and relaxation plan to strengthen and add muscle, eliminate fat and improve spiritual and mental well-being. It is not just a weight loss plan, but a way to restructure one’s lifestyle to keep fit and at a normal healthy weight.

The question is this: Is there a scientific basis for the Fat Loss Factor Plan and can it work?

Dr Charles, the writer, and creator of this plan is a chiropractic physician, certified wellness practitioner, certified advanced nutritionist. He developed a program for his wife, and (according to the website) lost 90 pounds and 16 dress sizes with this program.

The key to the program is to focus on cleansing the liver of toxins so it can burn fat, eating a diet that allows your body to burn fat. Once on the new meal plan, you can follow a simple exercise plan to help you build muscle, which in turn, also helps to make your body burn fat.

That plan is based on the glycemic index. The plan also includes fibre which also helps to regulate your absorption of nutrition and keeps your body regular. The types of foods involved are described in great detail in the book. The associated website also helps you to find the foods you will need to complete the nutrition and exercise plans

What are the benefits and drawbacks of the Fat Loss Factor plan?

  • The biggest drawback to the plan is that you will have to purchase your food and plan your meals for the most part, and, that would include purchasing a blender and juicer among other things. If you do convert to a raw food diet of any kind, these things will ultimately be required.


That can be expensive, but, as the video at the website points out, so is buying packaged diet food from a plan provider. The biggest difference between the Fat Loss Factor Plan is that the USER can shop for the food, find what he or she likes, and then process it to fit the user’s need.  If one can handle the initial expense of the preparation, the cost of time should level out or even decrease with time.


  • Probably the primary benefit of this plan is that it allows the follower of the plan to figure out exactly what one can eat and purchase without being stuck with an expensive diet plan with purchased foods.

What are real people saying about the Fat Loss Factor?

Testimonials from the website (from users who purchased the plan) seem to reveal success with the plan:

  • R. W. (Age 35-44) says “It’s the beginning of week 3 and I have already lost 12.6 lbs. I truly feel better. I can sleep better, and I have more energy than ever. I can’t believe I no longer have the need for my coffee IV. I’m an RN that has the nutritional knowledge, but I never put it to use for myself. Thank you so much for all the education to keep me on track of a healthy and rational diet to make me more aware of what I put in my daily diet.”
  • N. G. (Age 25-34) says “Doing this programme requires discipline, but I am pretty desperate to shift this weight, and after a slow first week, I was delighted to lose 6lb in my second week! I’ve learned loads about nutrition and food qualities from this programme, and I’m excited about losing the next 34lb!! Bring on NEXT summer and a beautiful bikini body!!”

What Else Should You Know About The Fat Loss Factor?

Dr Charles has an eight-week guarantee in which you can be refunded the entire amount of the purchase of the Fat Loss Factor if a buyer is not satisfied. At this time, there are no other discounts for the Fat Loss Factor.

The other feature that could be beneficial to purchasers is that Dr Charles has promised a quick response to questions via his e-mail address, provided with the purchase of the program. There seems to be adequate support for people who are unfamiliar with a self-guided weight loss program to ensure that it can be successful if followed properly.

But can FAT LOSS FACTOR really work?

Given the fact that the plan is comprehensive regarding the plan, including the use of supplements, food, exercise, the needed processing equipment, measurement guides, and videos, it certainly seems to offer a realistic way of losing weight assuming one is disciplined in implementing the fat loss factor. It will require some upfront costs (raw food, food from health food stores, and food processors), but one can at least shop for the best prices given the list.

For full disclosure, I am currently beginning a transition into a physician-certified raw food diet that includes many of the same pieces of equipment described in the Fat Loss Factor. Anyone who is serious about incorporating raw foods has to invest in the proper ways of preparing raw foods. The other items offered in this plan are supplements. Though you can purchase supplements from vendors associated with this plan, one can find similar supplements at better local prices if one shops for them. The same goes for the juicers and blenders.

Beyond that, the plan appears to be both rational, practical, and with discipline, a realistic way to control one’s weight and improve one’s health. What one has to do is to apply discipline to such a plan to make it work.


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