Know more about the open-source Taurus0x platform

Taurus0x is one of the blockchain-based protocol launches one of the emerging FinTech players for gearing up of financial derivatives. Based in California, the launch of Taurus0x was planned in July first week 2018. The platform is found to be fully functional and is launched as per the desired requirement.

Taurus0x is one of the distributed on-chain or off-chain protocol powering various financial derivatives from the assets over and above network with end to end support. The platform is decentralized, secure, transparent and straightforward and contributes to the core values of the company. Here, we will review Taurus0x ICO for the users and customers.

Features of Taurus0x

  • Traders: Taurus0x is a peer-to-peer protocol built for traders. The protocol versatility allows the traders participation in various speculative markets. The platform is an open standard that can pave the way toward roads for a unified experience and form a knowledge base for the respective traders.
  • Security: The Taurus0x should undergo the security compliances and testing as one of the parts for the production.
  • Decentralized: The Taurus0x do not rely on central authority and that why the point of failure is quite rare
  • Transparent: Transparency is directly proportional to trust. We always plan an open source that can obey the Taurus0x protocol. We encourage and welcome various talents for participation across multiple product enhancements for building their clients for communication with the protocol.
  • Exchanges: Taurus0x is never made with the idea of being an exchange of its own. It is one of the market-maker protocol having native support for various decentralized and centralized The core developer tools are applied to make the platform more simple for ordering relayers to play and plug a standardized derivative module for training.
  • Distribution: The Taurus0x can be distributed without making a centralized presence in the environment. The protocol is said to be powered the decentralized the peer-to-peer derivative tradings. The platform can run on and off-chain using various state-of-the-art, functions of cryptography and also settles the contracts on Ethereum blockchain with the management of built-in trust and zero downtime.
  • Open-Source: Taurus0x is considered to be one of the open-source projects which are made available for the contribution through blockchain community. The project can be composed and contributed by the solution provider to provide the software development kit.
  • Developers: Taurus0x is a kind of open source, and this is one of the reasons why they are one of the executive branches for Taurus0x trust foundation. The DApp developers have been used to build proprietary or open-source Fintech applications to comply with following the foundation guidelines.
  • Simple: An interface builds a solution that can embrace the wide spectrum at various levels of expertise and knowledge. With Taurus0x, the ease of use can be considered as one of the key factors while designing the platform.
  • Plug and Play: The Taurus0x cannot be considered as an exchange but a base layer that can power derivative for any exchange and is not limited only to cryptocurrency field. The decentralized and centralized exchanges can plug and play the Taurus0x in their existing ecosystem to supply automatic support for the trading of derivative without writing any single line of code.


Taurus0x is one of the open-source, simple, decentralized platforms that is here to stay and will play long innings. It will be beneficial for many people who allow them to get over various shortcomings and apply Taurus0x for their benefit.

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