Board Exam Tips

Electronic technicians are in high demand due to the evolution of technology. However, being a pro means you need to possess a certification from any universities located across the Philippines. The Electronics Technician Licensure Exam is conducted by the BEE (Board of Electronics and Engineering). The PRC (Professional Regulation Commission) supervises the whole exam.

Experience in taking the board exam

The ECT or Electronics Technician Board Exam is held two times in a year. One is held in April while the other one is held in October. If you are one of such examinee who will sit for the same consider the point given below:

  • The exam will cover the subjects including primarily the technical matters. Ethics and laws related to electronics, fundamentals of maths, test equipment, maintenance and repair, electrical component, etc.

Reasons why students fail in board exams

It is quite obvious that almost every candidate during the exam develop nervousness. This panic leads to perform poorly at the exam spot. Such poor performance will not only affect their result but also has a negative impact on their career.

The primary reasons for the failure of the student are:

  • Developing a negative attitude
  • Getting nervous and losing hope
  • Insomnia before the day of the exam
  • Overlooking the instructions as given in the question paper
  • Not revising the answer scripts before submission of the same

Tips to pass the board exam

The below tips will give help you to overcome all the barriers and have an excellent performance during the exam:

  • Always motivate yourself by saying “I will give my best during the exam”.
  • Get a sound sleep the night before the exam day
  • Stay calm on the examination day
  • Go through all the instructions carefully as mentioned in the question paper
  • Read everything thoroughly and also choose the answers accordingly
  • Reject the wrong answers
  • Carry a calculator to the examination hall.
  • Perform all your calculations on the paper using the pencil and calculator
  • Do not just leave the answers if it is difficult for you. Cross check the same and give it a try.
  • If a question seems difficult, do not sit with that, skip the same and go to the next question. Solve all the questions that are within your grip and at last, go to the difficult question

Wrapping up

Hi Folks!! If you want to give your best in the technician examination, follow the tips mentioned above and buck up. You can also share your exam experiences here at this platform. This will make a room of improvement for the other candidates so that they also get familiar with the ideas of the exam hall and question paper.


Advanced Dog Trainer


advance dog trainer

An expertly skilled dog that comes when called can safely be taken out to play in the natural park, on the seaside, on the hiking trail, or anyplace else the proprietor and dog could wish to go.

Fundamental coaching to return when referred to as is comparatively straightforward and comfortable, and involves providing praise, treats and different perks when the dog does as his owner wants. After these primary come when referred to as coaching workouts are mastered, there are a variety of fun exercises that may be introduced to challenge the canine and pique its interest.

Doing training in an enjoyable sport is among the most significant ways to motivate canine and handler alike. It is easy for coaching sessions to develop into routine and boring, and it is essential to maintain them from degenerating into this state.

Earlier than beginning any meals based mostly coaching train, it is important to make it possible for the dog is correctly motivated and prepared to respond to treat primarily based training.

Testing the dog is solely a matter of taking a piece of his ordinary food and waving it in the entrance of the dog’s nose. If the canine shows great enthusiasm for the food, it is ready to begin the training. If not, it’s best to attend till the canine is in a more receptive mood.

The treats that work most excellent for a deal with based training games like conceal and search are a lower up quarter inch or smaller items of chicken, cheese or liver. In different words, something your canine will love. It’s best to use minimal items to keep away from overfeeding the dog throughout the coaching sessions.

One excellent recreation for you and another member of the family or friend to play together with your canine is merely backward and forwards recall. This is a helpful exercise for instructing your canine to come back whenever a member of the family calls it.

Canines often learn to only respond to 1 person, and this can be a problem when other persons are watching the dog. That’s one cause why professional dog trainers at all times insist on working with the owner as well as the dog. A nicely educated canine should be taught to reply to whoever is in cost, not simply the proprietor or universal handler.

In the backward and forwards recall sport or extra folks stand roughly ten yards apart, in a secure place like a fenced in yard. One individual calls the dog and asks him to sit and say till another person asks the canine to come. When the dog responds to the command to come, it’s rewarded with a treat.

Most canines reply splendidly to this exercise and love enjoying this game. When taking part in the forwards and backward recall sport, it’s essential that solely the person who referred to as the dog be allowed to give the dog a treat.

After the dog has mastered the back and forth recall sport, the humans within the sport can begin to unfold further out, thus turning the back and forth recall recreation right into an enjoyable game of concealing and seek.

The cover and search recreation begins with two or more folks within the middle room of the house. Every time they call the dog to come, they spread out further away from the place they started. As the game continues, one person shall be at one end of the house, while one other may be on the opposite end.

What makes the cover and seek sport a lot fun for the canine is that he should hunt down the individual to get the treat, as a substitute of simply working up to a person in plain sight. This looking for behavior appeals to many of the canine’s instincts. In any case, dogs are naturally looking animals, and in search of food is second nature to them.

A career in canine training will be gratifying. Almost everyone loves canine, and the number of people who own canine is increasing. There are two types of canine coaching careers available. They are divided up into pet and service canine training.

Each is in demand. Nonetheless, there are way more alternatives to canine pet training. A profession in dog coaching requires much more than a love of dogs. You also must love individuals in addition to they’re those you will be training as much as their dog.

So many individuals who love canine actually cannot cope with all of the completely different personalities of there owners and as such shortly grow to be disillusioned. The bottom line is that a profession in dog training can be a career in folks training.

You might need to take into account a career in canine coaching with skilled service dogs. Each one has seen police dogs chasing criminals in addition to observed bomb or drug-sniffing dogs at the local airport. These specialized service canines require intense training and testing previous to being deployed to the job.

Also, there is canine who help the blind and other handicap individuals, Search and rescue canines, cadaver recovery dogs and searching dogs merely to call a few. Every of those service dogs requires special coaching to fulfill the needs of the businesses which might be going to rely on them.

The dog handlers also need to be educated intending to employ the dog in its specialized field of work most effectively. You will find that this career in dog coaching to be challenging and rewarding.

A profession in dog training requires that you simply learn the fundamentals of dog dealing with and training. At the moment there are not any faculties or universities that have degree packages in dog training. The truth is one of the best dog trainers on the earth is mainly self-taught people that have a knack for canine handling.

Besides, there are lots of ways to train a canine, and each trainer has discovered what methodology works for his or her style. Most of the best dog trainers have apprenticed with one or more high-quality trainers. As well as it is best to join many of the dog training organizations that are discovered online.

A great place to start out is the Affiliation of Pet dog trainers. Choose those that have a daily newsletter that may provide you with perception into the business and profession in canine training.


Gifts For Father on he’s Birthday

Gift for dad

Birthday gifts for fathers include strategies for new parents and products for longtime dads with decades of kid-wrangling knowledge. Dads may perhaps say they just don’t want gifts, the macho matter, but any kind of dad will certainly appreciate something special that shows you put much thought into something special to consider his wedding.

Gifts do not need to cost a ton of money to become fine pop gifts. It’s more important to give your gift some considered to show you actually understand somewhat about the dads seems and hobbies.

Therefore, let’s discuss the 10 different kinds of gifts that we can think of our dad.

1.) Wallet loaded with photographs

The essential thing right here is the photo component. Buy any wallet that your particular dad prefers; one while using the cash slot from the correct place and spots for bank cards or whatever else your dad carries around every single day. Add several personal pics of your family and you’re set for any fine birthday gift function.

2.) Framed photos

Avoid the stodgy photos and enquire of someone to shoot several zany photos of you along with other family customers. Use your computer skills and whip up a modern art piece using a software as well as the digital photographs. Buy some sort of frame to complement the major colors employed in the skill and box it up nicely intended for dad’s big day. This birthday gift for dad will certainly please.

3.) Wearing equipment

Watch over your father’s sports equipment to determine if whatever needs to be substituted or fixed, then, buy the items for just a gift. Don’t wrap the particular birthday reward, simply substitute the replacement for the authentic and put a little card inside the sports bag or tie a note on the tools.

4.) Press gifts

Shows, CDs, DVDs are great birthday gifts for fathers who delight in media. Download tracks for dads who are hip in order to the computer and also Internet make use of. If you are not sure on the titles, get a gift certificate in a company which sells mass media. If father’s old classes, you should consider introducing something special of an iPod as well as personal directions on what to operate kit.

5.) Night time clothes

Just because dad doesn’t wear fine night clothes doesn’t necessarily mean he isn’t keen on looking very good, especially if dad will be unattached. Spring for most formal nights clothes with regard to dad’s birthday. A nice smoking coat doesn’t suggest dad would need to smoke; he might want to wear any jacket or even robe with cold mornings throughout the house.

6.) Activewear

Also known as stuff dad, likes to wear to the gym or workout at home. If dad goes toward the health and fitness center in cloths, you have got your gift.

7.) Jewelry

No should go rare metal here, select a thing in gold for pop. Cuff inbound links are good for fathers who should wear a new suit, in addition, to tie with regard to work. Required design several though and buying an intriguing set in which he’ll possibly be proud to wear over the week. If dad fades on the actual weekends, decide on a fun set of links regarding partying.

8.) Hats

You know your dad better than most, so decide on some mind gear that gives your dad a pleasant public picture. Baseball less difficult, winter climate headwear or possibly a cowboy Stetson is an equally fine alternative gift for dad’s special birthday.

9.) Wristwatch

Watches offer a method to give your current dad several necessary bling without having a going total tit for the bank consideration. If the dad is actually into out-of-doors activities, spring to get a sports check out. For dads who perform all week, buy a good office model.

10.) Chilly or summer wear

Scarves and also gloves plus a nice layer are very good group pop gifts for winter weather. Summer items might include pants or a bathing suit.

In Conclusion

A gift that we choose for father never carries a  weight of money it contains, it’s always a weight of love and feelings we input in them. either if its simple or its expensive gift, father always keeps the memory for himself and never yet forgets about it.  Choose wisely and give him the best suitable gift he deserves.