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Electronic technicians are in high demand due to the evolution of technology. However, being a pro means you need to possess a certification from any universities located across the Philippines. The Electronics Technician Licensure Exam is conducted by the BEE (Board of Electronics and Engineering). The PRC (Professional Regulation Commission) supervises the whole exam.

Experience in taking the board exam

The ECT or Electronics Technician Board Exam is held two times in a year. One is held in April while the other one is held in October. If you are one of such examinee who will sit for the same consider the point given below:

  • The exam will cover the subjects including primarily the technical matters. Ethics and laws related to electronics, fundamentals of maths, test equipment, maintenance and repair, electrical component, etc.

Reasons why students fail in board exams

It is quite obvious that almost every candidate during the exam develop nervousness. This panic leads to perform poorly at the exam spot. Such poor performance will not only affect their result but also has a negative impact on their career.

The primary reasons for the failure of the student are:

  • Developing a negative attitude
  • Getting nervous and losing hope
  • Insomnia before the day of the exam
  • Overlooking the instructions as given in the question paper
  • Not revising the answer scripts before submission of the same

Tips to pass the board exam

The below tips will give help you to overcome all the barriers and have an excellent performance during the exam:

  • Always motivate yourself by saying “I will give my best during the exam”.
  • Get a sound sleep the night before the exam day
  • Stay calm on the examination day
  • Go through all the instructions carefully as mentioned in the question paper
  • Read everything thoroughly and also choose the answers accordingly
  • Reject the wrong answers
  • Carry a calculator to the examination hall.
  • Perform all your calculations on the paper using the pencil and calculator
  • Do not just leave the answers if it is difficult for you. Cross check the same and give it a try.
  • If a question seems difficult, do not sit with that, skip the same and go to the next question. Solve all the questions that are within your grip and at last, go to the difficult question

Wrapping up

Hi Folks!! If you want to give your best in the technician examination, follow the tips mentioned above and buck up. You can also share your exam experiences here at this platform. This will make a room of improvement for the other candidates so that they also get familiar with the ideas of the exam hall and question paper.


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