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The billiard article authors are of great help when playing. The billiard instructor authors are the best friends of any pool player. These authors will guide one about how to pick a pool cue. They also provide guidelines regarding the type of stick suitable for him/her and the correct price range of the sticks.

This article will further illustrate the function of billiard article authors elaborately.

Ways to pick any pool cue

First and foremost, the groundwork needs to be set.  The authors always suggest focusing on the tip when playing. The tips are available primarily in two major sizes:

  • Nickel Tip
  • Dime Tip

The sizes vary in reference to the size of dome of their individual coins. Not only are the sizes the tips also available regarding hardness. The tip that suit one the best is the ultimate pool tips for that person according to the authors. However, many claims that softer tips are the best when it comes to pool cue. In fact, it is also claimed that softer tips are equally potent as compared to harder tips.

The professionals claim that harder tips usually have better durability as compared to softer tips. Even they also believe that these hard tips grant smooth spin (English) to the ball at the time you target and hit it. Moreover, the control of the ball can be easily gripped with the harder tips.

In spite of the above advantages that the hard tips offer to the player, the experts suggest to take up the tips which you feel is right for you. This is because hitting the ball when playing using both soft and hard tips will make some difference. Yet, if you cannot feel any difference, you must opt for the hard ones.

Things to consider while buying a pool cue

Before buying a pool cue, the pool pros suggest to consider the following aspects:

  • Affordability
  • Materials used
  • Style of the cue
  • Tips (mandatory)
  • Length
  • Cases
  • Joint
  • Weight and
  • Thickness

How to aim a tip

  • Apply a steady and determine pre-shot custom.
  • The most functional visualisation tools which can be opted for are double-the-aiming or double-the-distance.
  • Remember your vision center must always be at an inclined angle.
  • Be apprehensive and doubtful of overstated claims relating to various cut-shot used at the time of play.

Highly recommended pool cues

Budget and affordability are the primary criteria when buying a pool cue. Some such affordable pool cues are as follows:

  • AB Earth 2-Piece Pool Cue: These sticks are themselves the performer par excellence. They are mostly recommended for the newbie. Though the shaft may cause a bit problem, these sticks are way too affordable.
  • Players Technology Series HXT-15 Two Piece Pool Cue: The series not only have an alluring outlook but are also comprised of the master construction. They are manufactured with the best quality maple wood and are the experts when it comes to aiming the ball. They are also quite affordable and are available at a price of $150 or below.

Among others, there is Mark Richard Professional Custom Pool Cue are another author’s choices which are just mind-blowing when it comes to playing. They come with 13mm tip and have a heavier end.

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